I was Born and raised in North Yorkshire, where I also  work full time with my brother and father  as a builder for a small family business that my dad owns. I used to play alot of rugby and really enjoyed cycling aswell.



 As for athletics and shot putting, I pretty much fell into throwing. During school a teacher noticed i was a big lad or as he called me... a "meat head", he told me to give this ball throwing a go. This ball throwing then lead  me into  competing for Allertonshire school.


After winning the small local competions for school, and qualifying for the English Schools Championships twice, they got me the details of Paul Wilson,  a throws coach from City Of York Athletics Club. I went down and immediately Paul got to work on making me throw further.  Since then I have never looked back!



started off with local competitions, and built my way up the rankings. I continued the progressions through the age groups, and worked my way up to my Junior Debut in the Great Britain amd England teams. Making teams like that really gave me a buzz to continue, and here I am today, currently ranked number 1 in the UK, and British Champion in the senior Catagory, along with the U23 catagory (2015).

During bricklaying College after winning the Celtic Cup for England
Representing Great Britain for the first time at Loughborough International
Throwing a training P.B  during 2015 season
Me and Ed Pratt Sports Therapy after winning my first senior British Championship medal.

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